From daffodil gardens and lavender in snow,

To the beauty in sunset and the aurora glow.

A deep breath, hesitant sigh, I waken from my slumber of pleasant dreams and snapped to reality in this world of painful torture, where living is a chore; endless and tiresome ambition, perfection is a defect, an overcast to man outwardly.

Trapped in a deep pit of blazing fire, under the supervision of madness and destruction. The air is filled with darkness, executed survival skills, where evil prevails. Our minds are shadowed by evil in its purest form, pleasures of the devil for power means disruption. Summoning spirits of the underworld, present in the darkest corners where chaos creeps forward and captures those in their weakness, reaping disbelief, then possessing the mind and controlling their souls.

He the enemy claps his hands, when the angels are put to shame, immorality conquers all and love is just a mindless game, betrayal projected to the surrounding beings. This world is suddenly blinded and the heavens can’t be seen, for the daffodils and lavendered snow is just the dream of innocents, far beyond imagination, but here before us is the deception of hearts and uncarving of righteous man, its existence like that of a new born baby wishing his mother dead, and like the child left to die after much suffered agony to bring his life into this god forsaken land, children cursing the carriers of their pre-birth weight, take heed, for doomed we shall be, killed before we die. If not man has their ways changed, making amens, beware!