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October 2016


The pleasant appearance of passion and youth, moulded to perfect in the possession of two. What fears we fear the fear of love and loving dear? How sweet the remark, afraid of love, afraid of life and afraid love and loving that too, the entire chain drives us insane. Prepare it not, for the love you fear, the harder your distance the present love near. Love not what I and ponder this point, created with love every fervent soul. It is foolish and bias to hate the energy of creation itself. Yet I back you stand and support your voice, I too fear love, not the fear you think, I too have loved and lost, in anger swore never to trust love again, but wisdom reaches in the creeps of a shut mind, and builds desire for love of distinct kind, my love. It’s deep and still firm but brittle, strong yet fair and free to share. How dare you fear or run from the beauty of love, be it one of the two, I love you, fear it, please no… love is true, it is out there, it’s right here, two skins from my palm, planted to my chest, lives in this vessel love for thee. Take it this way, afraid of love, it characters of the weak, I thought you were tough, I feel weak in your presents, not my knees or in breath, but outspoken in such, proof this correct, stand up for the faith, that love is wonderful and maybe lost, but even painful love is love, that’s what makes it, like a bet, bet your heart to love in hope of joy, and carry on, but don’t give up, do it a thousand times over, love not run, fear stopping what’s began. Hate love and fear falling, too late you in a trap, in a straight way of buddy bond, you’ve won a heart and you can’t have two, so give one out, cause I love you…




When it comes to money that is never a problem, yet with every breath my soul is in debt. Oppressive pain of a heart unspoken. Trying to heal a weak heart that’s been broken. Weak to love so easy, weak to love so deep. Its outcome is tragic while its action is sweet. Innocent love nay I love, the evil within the devils heart. Perhaps this evil in known as love. How else to explain this deceitful pain of joy and sorrow. With a million regrets confused at how it could be, of true lovers minds to never set free. Let me not to the presents of love. All my faith of this chemistry removed and the force of doubt I carelessly breathe. Beyond thoughts of failure, before that of success, with that of this impure mess. My view of love was always different. Hope of peace and bliss and everlasting memories have been crushed. Every thought of love makes me sick. It’s painful and deeply settles an imbalanced approval. Locks and looking, traps and latching. Never will I caress and hold, neither laugh of grow old, I’ve failed. An attempt to get away. My mind has left when my heart says stay. Part of me could let you go. While the other part simply says no. stuck in sinking sand. In an unfamiliar land. I’m foreign to this place so I want to go away. Every step forward brings me right back in, not aiming for the gold I just want to win. I try to leave instead I fall deep. I try to doubt yet I am still so sure, without you I’ll always be insecure. Never tell to leave, for I have to stay. My heart is with either which way. Here is the last couplets of my speech, and even though I’m stopping it’s still incomplete. I will never reach the end of saying, how I wanted to leave yet I ended up staying. My heart is at risk I am open to pain. Back again I think I’m insane when a crush turns to love and is witnessed by the lord above. Mindful to things that I never knew I turn back to you guess I am a fool. Here is to the time we spend, and to the future if it is meant.


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