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January 2017


An open heart bound to perfection. Innocents sworn at the accusation of conflict. Matters and changes. Evaluated in disturbed comforts. Certainty of imbalanced stands. Points left in defaults. Beyond the skin lies far greater value. Judgment belongs to neither you nor I. Ponder and study the reasoning for discrimination. Blind to worth, occupied in complying with the voices of the world. One purpose, one journey, one end for every soul. Strange is good in some cases, in some it brings forth a beast. When the heaven blossomed in creative works. The plot being one, each o accurate and precise. No mistakes were made. Why then does man stand in a different believe? How is it that we judge the native, unaware of selfvalue and worth? Least we fall in error and turn down the best, left in pain and regret, for considering the rest. Is it not selfish though, I ask? To think of me in a minus degree. Nay serve the world not, be patient in decisions but hasten in good, for I know not what I haven’t been told. Even the common earth soil is a bearer of gold. Remember my words they are in fact true, search my eye’s perhaps they will hint a clue, similarity drives away interest.





I had a friend not long ago, a simple creature with a heart of gold; I sometimes made her cry at night and as her friend that wasn’t right, I also tried to make her understand that you can’t go holding one hand. There comes a time for you to let go and move on and no matter how slippery the road may be when that time comes you have to be ready. So I watched her walk a steady soul, waiting for her to reach her gold, sometimes I drove pass so she knows I am there and I guess I failed to show her I care, I observed her and took my time, I wasn’t long before I called her mine, and when the time came for her to take me hand and enter my heart, I simply closed it and we drifted apart.



A humble personality of brilliance and smiles. An ambitious hand of responsibility and love. Loyal in nature yet crazy and fun. I find this guy I will capture him and run. I wouldn’t really say strong and brave, cause if he isn’t like that it will be okay. Courageous and caring, honest and sharing. Funny and smart but not more than me, for the guy I have must listen to me when I speak. Not controlling just consoling, not abusive just supportive, his natural calm and facial charm. Must be pious I would like that to be there. Oh his looks can weary. Though I wouldn’t like him scary.



We all deal with saints in our own way, we always hear them speaking but never actually hear what they say, our impression of saints are individually different, we judge a saint, usually by their last imprint! Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future, pure engulfing stare, while alone in meditation, believes of repentance and the Lord’s true existence, for every wrong there is a correction! Am I to ever find a saint? Innocently you sit there of a perfect world that you paint, I bet they will never mention a saint, those peaceful eyes floating through air, to settle on a heart lost in despair. I tried to understand your story, I tried to read your eyes, but the abstinence, you kept from the world, so why were you there, Recorded every word you did not utter, remembered everything you did not say, captured the tale in your eyes from that one glance I knew enough! True love and attachment as if you reached out to me, not trapped but free, and able to see a better view of life! Spiritual inner peace, when every sin brings you grief, a humble soul knocking at heaven’s door, blinded by what’s in store… so eager and fervent, a union, bond… the question is to where, when you lost in space, dreading your mind, to where are you gone in which space of time! Oh lord, raise your true believer amidst the crowd, out of a million people, how is it that you chose me! Why turn your gaze away from the crowd, why sit silently when everyone is loud! Why isolate you when there are lost souls around? Did you feel my preying eyes burn over your neck, or was that look your answer to my question when you looked back, was that real, where you real, in which endless warden am I to find a saint, the silken mass of clouds encumbers your ambiguity! As the sun crawls away and the curtains draw, I’m still confused I’m still not sure…of how it was, of my destiny, to meet a saint that didn’t meet me.




The pleasant appearance of passion and youth, moulded to perfection in the possession of two. What fears we fear the fear of love and loving dear. How sweet the remark, afraid of love, afraid of life and afraid love and loving that too, the entire chain drives us insane. Prepare it not, for the love you fear, the harder your distance the present love near. Love not what I and ponder this point, created with love every fervent soul. It is foolish and bias to hate the energy of creation itself. Yet I back you stand and support your voice, I too fear love, not the fear you think, I too have loved and lost, in anger swore never to trust love again, but wisdom reaches in the creeps of a shut mind, and builds desire for love of distinct kind, my love. It’s deep and still firm but brittle, strong yet fair and free to share. How dare you fear or run from the beauty of love, be it one of the two, I love you, fear it, please no… love is true, it is out there, it’s right here, two skins from my palm, planted to my chest, lives in this vessel love for thee. Take it this way, afraid of love, it characters of the weak, I thought you were tough, I feel weak in your presents, not my knees or in breath, but outspoken in such, proof this correct, stand up for the faith, that love is wonderful and maybe lost, but even painful love is love, that’s what makes it, like a bet, bet your heart to love in hope of joy, and carry on, but don’t give up, do it a thousand times over, love not run, fear stopping what’s began. Hate love and fear falling, too late you in a trap, in a straight way of buddy bond, you’ve won a heart and you can’t have two, so give one out, cause I love you…


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