We all deal with saints in our own way, we always hear them speaking but never actually hear what they say, our impression of saints are individually different, we judge a saint, usually by their last imprint! Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future, pure engulfing stare, while alone in meditation, believes of repentance and the Lord’s true existence, for every wrong there is a correction! Am I to ever find a saint? Innocently you sit there of a perfect world that you paint, I bet they will never mention a saint, those peaceful eyes floating through air, to settle on a heart lost in despair. I tried to understand your story, I tried to read your eyes, but the abstinence, you kept from the world, so why were you there, Recorded every word you did not utter, remembered everything you did not say, captured the tale in your eyes from that one glance I knew enough! True love and attachment as if you reached out to me, not trapped but free, and able to see a better view of life! Spiritual inner peace, when every sin brings you grief, a humble soul knocking at heaven’s door, blinded by what’s in store… so eager and fervent, a union, bond… the question is to where, when you lost in space, dreading your mind, to where are you gone in which space of time! Oh lord, raise your true believer amidst the crowd, out of a million people, how is it that you chose me! Why turn your gaze away from the crowd, why sit silently when everyone is loud! Why isolate you when there are lost souls around? Did you feel my preying eyes burn over your neck, or was that look your answer to my question when you looked back, was that real, where you real, in which endless warden am I to find a saint, the silken mass of clouds encumbers your ambiguity! As the sun crawls away and the curtains draw, I’m still confused I’m still not sure…of how it was, of my destiny, to meet a saint that didn’t meet me.