An open heart bound to perfection. Innocents sworn at the accusation of conflict. Matters and changes. Evaluated in disturbed comforts. Certainty of imbalanced stands. Points left in defaults. Beyond the skin lies far greater value. Judgment belongs to neither you nor I. Ponder and study the reasoning for discrimination. Blind to worth, occupied in complying with the voices of the world. One purpose, one journey, one end for every soul. Strange is good in some cases, in some it brings forth a beast. When the heaven blossomed in creative works. The plot being one, each o accurate and precise. No mistakes were made. Why then does man stand in a different believe? How is it that we judge the native, unaware of selfvalue and worth? Least we fall in error and turn down the best, left in pain and regret, for considering the rest. Is it not selfish though, I ask? To think of me in a minus degree. Nay serve the world not, be patient in decisions but hasten in good, for I know not what I haven’t been told. Even the common earth soil is a bearer of gold. Remember my words they are in fact true, search my eye’s perhaps they will hint a clue, similarity drives away interest.